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2BW4 Water Ring Vacuum Pump Unit


2BW4 water ring vacuum pump unit is the vacuum equipment used to pump the gas that is non-corrosive, insoluble in water, no solid particle contained. It is applied in vacuum dry and extraction especially in the pumping process of a massive steam overflow.

2BW4 water ring vacuum pump unit features compact design, high automation, reliable running and energy-saving. The main pump is the advanced 2BEA series of water ring vacuum pump, equipped with automatic air intake system, cooling circulation water supply system, and gearing. The electric control mode has approaches of manual, automatic, and remote control. 2BW4 water ring vacuum pump matching unit is the important condenser air pump set applied to 600MW 300MW and 100MW thermal power generating units in and abroad.


Model and attachments:


The vacuum compressor units made by HCH choose the international advanced products such as SK, 2BEA, 2BEC as main pump, and equip with heat exchanger, gas and liquid separator, sensor instrument, valves, and self-control electrical power distribution system. Our product feature compact structure, advanced technique, reliable running, high automation and easy operation, and can meet the special demands of vacuum compress process, so it is widely used in petrochemical, papermaking, mining, electric power, environment protection and contributes to the development of nation economy.

Technical data:

Model Ultimate vacuum range
Remakes(main pump)
SK 80 1.5-120 SK1.5/3/6/12/30/85/120
2SK 33 0.4-30 2SK1.5/3/6/12/20/30
2BVA 33 1.33-8 2BVA70/71/110/111/121
2BEA 33/160 4-350 2BEA153/253/353/405
2BEC 160 65-560 2BEC40/50/60/67/72

Notes: The data in table are based on the following conditions:

Intake Temp 20℃, water Temp 15℃, discharge pressure 1013hpa, (RH)≤70%, input medium: Saturated air. If there is any error in operation, subject to practice and refer to the sample and relevant data.

Technical features:

1. The closed circulation of working liquid: owing to the existence of heat exchanger, working liquid can be water or the other special liquid such as glycol, diesel oil, transformer oil, etc; which is cooled by heat exchanger, then back flow to vacuum pump under pumping impact, it can be used circularly and completely separate the working environment from the nature environment and conform to the principle of water and nature resource protection.

2. The pumped gas is closed circulation; gas and liquid separator can effectively separate discharged mixture of gas and liquid from vacuum pump, completely segregate the connection between working gas and air environment; convey the gas to the select place by discharge port; reduce the outward interface to a minimum, all of which facilitate the installation, operation, and maintenance.

3. Flexible configuration and material structure is fit for the special working condition.

4. The unique main pump design with high efficiency and low noise guarantee the stable running of pump unit.

5. Not only it can pump vacuum, but also compress the gas in a particular pressure. Suction under negative pressure and discharge in positive pressure combine into a unit. The isothermal compression is specially fit for the pumping of inflammable and explosive gas in coal mine gas treatment and chemical process.

6. Manual & electric & machinery liquid level control: when unit is operating, the drainage of working liquid can control the liquid level. The other data can be live-controlled or remote-controlled.

Unit configurations:

1.Main pump specification: SK、2SK、2BVA、2BEA、2BEC

2.Heat exchanger:(Type, Material)

a: Plate type:Material: 304,etc;

b: Pipe type:Material: Q235A, 304, etc;

3. Separator:a: Vertical type; b: Horizontal type; Material: Q235A,304,etc;

4. Control mode:a: Manual; b: Automatic; c: DCS; d: FLC, etc;

5. Valve:a: Manual; b: Electric; c: Pneumatic, etc;

For example: 2BEA-303A-D2P-590-B indicates that the main pump is 2BEA-303A, direct connection between motor and pump, machinery seal, explosion proof motor dIICT3, rotating speed 590 r/min, discharge pressure less than 0-0.03MPa. The technical data is based on the main pump. Please contract with the technical or commercial agent if specific configuration is needed. Mode A will be adopted if there are no special notes.


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