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JZJ2B Roots-Liquid Ring Vacuum Unit


JZJ2B series roots-liquid ring vacuum unit is equipped with ZJP series roots vacuum pump as the main pump and interstage pump, 2BV/2BEA series liquid ring vacuum pump is the backing pump, and the unit is composed of internal connection pipelines, instruments, valves, etc.

In addition to pumping general gas, the unit can also be used to pump gas containing moisture and a small amount of dust. Compared with general mechanical vacuum pumps, it is not afraid of oil pollution, water vapor and fine dust. Compared with general water ring vacuum pumps, it has the advantages of high ultimate vacuum and high pumping speed under higher vacuum conditions. It is light An ideal vacuum pumping equipment for drying, dehydration and vacuum deaeration in textile, food, chemical and other industries.

When selecting a vacuum pump, select the corresponding pump according to whether the pumped gas contains condensable vapor, whether there is particulate dust, corrosive, etc. If the gas contains steam, particles, and corrosive gases, you should consider installing auxiliary equipment on the pump's air inlet pipe.

Roots-liquid ring unit working fluid circulation is divided into closed type and open type.

The working fluid of the backing pump of the Roots-liquid ring vacuum unit is mostly water, or organic solvents (methanol, ethanol, xylene, acetone, etc.) can be used. The backing pump is used as a closed loop system, which greatly reduces Pollution to the environment, while improving the recycling of related solvents. The ultimate vacuum is determined by the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid.

Closed cycle units are equipped with column heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers, gas-liquid separators, pipeline valves and instruments such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level to indicate or remotely monitor the operating conditions of the unit. Among them, the gas-liquid separator is equipped with automatic or manual filling and draining ports according to user requirements.

A check valve is set between the roots vacuum pump and the liquid ring vacuum pump to prevent the liquid ring vacuum pump from flowing back when the liquid ring vacuum pump suddenly stops due to power failure or improper operation, causing the roots vacuum pump to malfunction.

The inlet of the unit is equipped with an electric contact vacuum gauge or pressure transmitter to control the start and stop of the Roots pump.

The inlet of the unit is equipped with a filter screen (304) to prevent impurities and particles contained in the medium from entering the vacuum pump.

The unit control cabinet is divided into two types: ordinary and explosion-proof. The ordinary control cabinet can be equipped with an explosion-proof operation column to realize on-site explosion-proof operation.

The vacuum pump and its driver, auxiliary equipment, pipelines, valves, instruments, etc. are a complete skid-mounted unit. The entire system can ensure efficient, safe, stable and continuous operation under the specified conditions of use.

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