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2BEY1, 2BEY2 Series of Water Ring Compressors


Features and application:

Due to features of isothermal compression of air, non-friction surface, easy to repair, operating stably in the condition that contains a mass of steam and tiny solid particle, water ring compressors is used to convey inflammable and explosive gas like polythene, sulfur dioxide ,benzene, chlorine in chemical and petroleum industry, which beyond all the other compressors of different types.

When we change the material of some parts, the corrosive gas can be compressed and conveyed. Besides, both ends adopt machinery seal, which can make no leak in the gas conveying.


1.The Max discharge pressure of liquid ring compressor is 0.8MPaG

2.If discharge pressure needs to be changed, the motor power should bechanged either.

The matching units range of supply:

1.Drive unit: electric motor, gear units, coupling, etc.

2.Electrical control system: switch box, PST, PIC, etc.

3.Reflux valve: installed in the inlet port, preventing working liquid reflowing into system.

4.Liquid separator: installed in the discharge pipe to separate compressed gas and working liquid, which belong to pressure vessel.

5.Condenser: installed in the intake port, making gas cooled and condensed, so that reduces the load of compressor.

6.Heat exchanger: used to cool the working fluid, which is necessary in the process of working liquid circulation.

7.Valve, Pressure meter, Liquid level control system, Pressure transmitter.

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