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ZWY Series of Mobile Gas-drainage Pump for Colliery


Products features:

ZWY series of mobile gas-drainage pump for colliery is a kind of specialized equipment mainly used in undermines gas drainage to reduce the partial gas overrunning and avoid coal or gas outburst. Currently there are 13 types, with the discharge capacity ranging from 6 to 130M3/min.

It consists of pumping system, inspection control system, inlet and output pipeline, mobile pump base plate, and shroud. There are features of rational construction, smaller volume, moveable, easy installation and operation, safe and reliable running, etc. It can offer the function of indicating drainage parameter, inspection for gas density and water supply; achieve the alarm and blackout control for gas over ranging or abnormal water supply; determine and calculate the flow of gas by orifice plate flow meter. It is not only used as the drainage equipment that avoid gas over ranging and outburst, but also a partial and temporary drainage equipment, compensating the shortage of ground system, and can be used as the main equipment of small and medium coal mines


1. The mines that don’t have the condition of building ground gas drainage system, for example, the area where partial gas over ranging or outburst happens, the site that need short-term gas drainage, such as the mines that gas outburst from the leak in karsts curve and fire rock

2. Although some mines have ground drainage pumping station, the underground working area is out of the way, so it’s hard to realize the effective drainage, and mobile pumping station can be used in relay drainage.

3. The medium and small coal mine can adopt mobile pump set with low cost and quick effect, which has good safe and economic efficiency.

4. Used in the gas scientific experiment, before the foundation of ground gas drainage pumping station, we use mobile pump set to make test, by which we determine the best drainage way and parameter, provide the reliable basis for the foundation of permanent ground pump station drainage system, avoiding the waste by blind investments

Main technical data:


Max suction capacity m3/min ultimate vacuum range KPa shaft power kw matching motor power KW gauge mm outline dimension m weight Kg
ZWY6/11-G 6 93 8.2 11 600/900 2.0×1.0×1.4 1280
ZWY10/18.5-G 10 93 16.3 18.5 600/900 2.0×1.0×1.4 1453
ZWY20/37-G 20 93 29.6 37 600/900 2.5×1.2×1.6 2321
ZWY30/45-G 30 93 39.8 45 600/900 3.0×1.3×1.7 3410
ZWY40/75-G 40 93 53.8 75 600/900 3.0×1.3×1.7 3520
ZWY52/75-G 52 93 65.0 75 600/900 3.4×1.4×1.9 4788
ZWY62/90-G 62 84 72.0 90 600/900 3.4×1.4×1.9 5598
ZWY70/110-G 70 93 90.0 110 600/900 4.0×1.6×2.2 6870
ZWY85/160-G 85 93 120 160 600/900 4.0×1.6×2.2 7072
ZWY90/110-G 90 84 95 110 600/900 4.3×1.6×2.2 7312
ZWY95/160-G 95 84 136 160 600/900 4.3×1.6×2.2 7352
ZWY105/132-G 105 84 114 132 600/900 4.3×1.5×2.2 7620
ZWY110/160-G 110 84 130


600/900 4.3×1.6×2.2 7612
ZWY115/132-G 115 84 108 132 600/900 4.3×1.5×2.2 8012
ZWY130/160-G 130 84 130 160 600/900 4.5×1.6×2.2 8130
ZWY160/200-G 160 84 175 200 600/900 4.9×1.9×2.2 9830
ZWY190/220-G 190 84 200 220 600/900 5.4×2.2×2.5 11200
ZWY210/250-G 210 84 232 250 600/900 5.4×2.2×2.5 11500
ZWY230/280-G 230 84 248 280 600/900 5.6×2.2×2.5 12200
ZWY260/315-G 260 84 287 315 600/900 5.6×2.2×2.5 12800


Construction features:

Common configuration includes water ring vacuum pump, explosion proof three-phase asynchronous motor, constant water level separator, water and power cut off device, the power cut off device for gas over ranging, orifice plate flow meter, explosion proof vacuum electromagnetic starter, base plate. The parts of water softening device and pipe gas parameter inspection can be offered as optional device according to the request of customers. There are three driving modes including duplex, belt drive, and dead reduction drive.

•Constant water level separator

The separator locates the discharge port of water ring vacuum pump, because the seal cavity for suction is formed by the impact of water ring, so it contains some water, which should be separated from the gas. The separator is level displayed and keep the constant water level by U-pipe, in order to realize automatic water proof.

•Gas overranging Blackout device for gas overranging

The gas overranging blackout device is used in the inspection of methane level of mobile pump station, when the methane level exceeds the warming line, the sensor will make audible and visual alarm ; when it exceeds 1.5%, the blockout device will cut off the electric current by controling the electromagnetic starter, so as to ensure the realiability of gas pump station.

•Water soften device

The water soften device is fit for softening nature water, when the nature water passes the device, it can avoid the combination of Ca,Mg, and C, which is apt to form water scale, after the soften it’s hard to condense on the pump casing and impeller. Orifice Plate Flowmeter It is used in the calculation of gas flowrate , when the gas passes the plate through pipe, it forms a pressure between the two sides, and the flowrate can be figured out by differential pressure.

•The blockout and water cut device The blockout device is used to inspect water supply in order to avoid racing pump and damaging the pump.

Working principle:

Liquid ring vacuum pump is the pump design of capacity change. The impeller is installed in the pump body eccentrically. The cycling of the impeller makes the working liquid form a revolving ring in the pump’s wall. Here two adjacent vanes, impeller hub and the liquid ring inner face form a gas cavity which is sealed by the working liquid. With the cycling of impeller, the intake volume of gas cavity increase and internal pressure decrease; the gases will therefore be taken in.

In the discharge area, the volume of gas cavity decrease gradually and internal pressure increase, the gases will therefore be compressed and discharged.

 Schematic diagram of gas drainage and utilization monitoring system (for details, please click to view)


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