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2BE Series of the Operating Principle of Liquid Vacuum Pumps and Compressors


The Operating Principle of Liquid Vacuum Pumps and Compressors:

Liquid ring vacuum pump is the pump design of capacity change. The impeller is installed in the pump body eccentrically,and the cycling of the impeller makes the working liquid form a revolving ring in the pump’s wall,here two adjacent vanes, impeller hub and the liquid ring inner face form a gas cavity which is sealed by the working liquid. As the cycling of impeller, the intake volume of gas cavity increase and internal pressure decrease,the gases will therefore be taken in; In the discharge area, the volume of gas cavity decrease gradually and internal pressure increase, the gases will therefore be compressed and discharged.

The unique design and wide application:

We have very rich experiences on the design, production, matching unit, application of the liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors. Our product features good performance, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, which have won the wide praise of customers.

1. It takes the design of port plate: there is a major clearance between impeller and plate; the geometries adopt optimized design with high efficiency and energy-saving; lubricating system is not needed for its non-machinery frication. It can process the gases which contain tiny solid particle, fiber and some liquid.

2. Because of the existence of the liquid ring, the compression of gas is processing in the isothermal condition; the temperature drop between intake and discharge is under 11℃, therefore high temperature gas in the pump will be cooled; the condensable gas can be condensed and recycled, and the phenomenon of gas polymerization can be avoided.

3. The working liquid avoids the spark forming in the compressor, so it can compress the gases safely which are highly inflammable and explosive, such as acetylene, hydrogen, etc.

4. It takes the rigid rotor design and the welding fabrication technology to achieve never-broken; the operating speed is far below the first critical speed, so it is unnecessary to install the vibration inspection meter.

5. The capacity of discharge can be adjusted by frequency modulation or circumfluence.

6. The noise level should be under 85dba at one meter.

7. Being made of carbon steel, cast iron or stainless steel, the shaft seal takes stuffing and single end or double ends machinery seal according to different conditions.

8. Water, acidic water, oil of vitriol, glycol, water with oil, oil, etc can be used as disposable of cycled working liquid, such as the compressed conveying of chlorine.

9. On basis of single pump set, we can provide users with the unit designed to all kinds of working conditions. It includes pump, motor, separator, heat exchanger, gear box, shared base and all kinds of attachments such as meters, valves, and control system ranging from simple to complex, common to explosion proof.

10. When the liquid ring pump & compressor can’t satisfy the pumping pressure demands of fabrication, it’s necessary to use compound vacuum system or high pressure compressor; water ring pump, air ejector, steam ejector and roots pump usually adopt series connection, so that it can reach the absolute intake pressure of 100pa. and the high pressure compressor 0.8MPaG

11. Due to the features described above, liquid ring pumps & compressors have been applied in each corner of petroleum & chemical industry, such as vacuum crystallization, vacuum distillation, vacuum filtration, changed pressure adsorption, water deoxidization, polyester, discarded gas recycling, the recycling of VCM in the PVC equipment, the compressing of CO2 in sugar industry, conveying of all kinds of materials and so on.

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2BE Series of the Operating Principle of Liquid Vacuum Pumps and Compressors
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