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  • 商品名称: Ground Permanent Water Ring Gas-drainage Pump
  • 商品编号: 11
  • 上架时间: 2012-04-25
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  Ground permanent water ring gas drainage pump is a kind of specialized safety equipment used in coal mine to pump gas intensively from underground. The features of which is that it can pump coal seam desorbed gas with high density effectively, relieve the ventilation load of mine. These products comply with the requirement of mining equipment production regulation.
  Configuration of gas-drainage pump:
  The main pump choose the crowned products of our company such as SK, 2BEA, 2BEC as drainage pump, and explosion proof motor made by a well-known factory. The configuration according to different working conditions includes: gas liquid separator, motor starter, anti-backfire and explosion device, tailrace, valves, circulating water pump, orifice flow meter, temperature monitor of bearing and motor, sensor instrument and protection device, etc. All of above can meet the safety demands of mine.
  The pump model selection:
  The suction capacity of gas drainage pump must meet the max gas-pumping demands of mine; the pumping pressure must overcome the max pressure loss in pipe system. The pump itself is needed to have high air tightness and reliability, both pump and motor and relevant equipments must have coal safety mark and anti-explosion certificate.