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SHZ circulating water vacuum pump uses the scope of application

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    SHZ series undisputed recycled water use of a vacuum pump series to the circulating water as the working fluid, a negative pressure fluid jet spray and the vacuum pump has become the most popular of the circulating water with a vacuum pump. For evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration decompression, degassing process vacuum conditions, particularly suitable for universities, research institutes, chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, pesticides, agricultural engineering, biological engineering laboratory and small scale industries.
    Circulating water vacuum pump features:
    A water recycling, saving precious water resources.
    (2) saving 35% or more than other types of vacuum pumps.
    Special fluid silencer to reduce the water gas.
    4 double-tap, dual table significantly, either alone or be used in parallel.
    Corrosion of acid, alkali and solvents.
    Dedicated motor manufactured by the well-known motor manufacturer, fluoro rubber seal inside the motor and non-corrosive gas intrusion.
    7 need to regularly replace the sink in the water to ensure water purity and to ensure that the degree of vacuum, to avoid dirt stains.
    Can be used to extract corrosive gases, the need to reduce the water exchange period.
    Pump for PP, jet, exhaust Tsui stainless steel, more suitable for acid gases.

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