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What is the working principle of the water ring vacuum pump?

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The water ring vacuum pump (referred to as the water ring pump) is a coarse vacuum pump, the extreme pressure that it can be obtained for a single-stage pump is 2.66 ~ 9.31kPa; for the two-stage pump for 0.133 0.665kPa. The water ring pumps can also be used as a compressor, it belongs to the low pressure compressor, its pressure range (1 ~ 2) X105Pa gauge pressure (under certain conditions). Water ring vacuum pump in the process of the petroleum, chemical, mechanical, mining, light industry, paper, power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and food industry and municipal and agricultural sectors, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum feed, vacuum degassing, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration and vacuum resurgence has been widely used, the water ring pump compressed gas is isothermal, it can be exhausting flammable, explosive gas, can also be pumping in addition to dust, moisture content of gas, therefore, the application of the water ring pumps is increasing.

Impeller was eccentric installed in the pump when the impeller rotates in the direction shown, to enter the water ring pumps pump the water impeller thrown around, due to centrifugal force, the water forms a pump chamber shape similar to the thickness closed water ring. The inner surface of the upper part of the water ring is exactly tangent to the impeller hub (such as Ⅰ - Ⅰ section), the inner surface of the lower part of the water ring coincides with the blade tip contact (in fact, leaves in the water ring insertion depth). At this point, the impeller hub and the water ring formation of a crescent-shaped space, this space has been impeller is divided into several small cavity equal to the number of blades. Upper impeller 0 ° as a starting point, the impeller in the 180 ° rotation, the small cavity volume gradually from small to large (ie, from the section Ⅰ - Ⅰ II - II), the pressure continuously decreased with suction and discharge plate on the inspiratory port connected, the pressure is lower than the pressure in the container have been drawn within a small cavity space, according to the principle of balance of gas pressure, pumping gas continuously pumped into the small chamber, is in the process of breathing. When inspiratory completed and a suction port isolation, from the II - II to III - III section, the small cavity volume is gradually reduced, the pressure increase, is in the compression process, the compressed gas ahead of schedule to reach the exhaust pressure, in advance from the auxiliary exhaust valve exhaust. From section III - III to the Ⅰ - Ⅰ small cavity connected with the exhaust port volume further reduce the pressure further increased when the gas pressure is greater than the exhaust pressure, the compressed gas is discharged from the exhaust in the continuous operation of the pump process, continue to inhale, compression, and exhaust to achieve the purpose of continuous pumping.

The water ring pumps, auxiliary exhaust valve is a special structure, usually a rubber ball valve, its role is to eliminate the pump during operation over the compression and compression of shortage. These two phenomena will lead to excessive power consumption. Because the water ring pump has no direct exhaust valve and the exhaust pressure is always fixed, the water ring pump compression ratio depends on the inlet end position and exhaust ports starting position, however, the two locations are fixed and, therefore, not suited to the need to suction pressure change. To solve this problem, generally below the exhaust port to set up a rubber ball valve, ball valves automatically open so that when the pump cavity is too early to reach the exhaust pressure, gas emissions, eliminate the phenomenon of over-compression. The general design of the water ring pump to the minimum suction pressure to determine the compression ratio, in order to determine the starting position in the exhaust ports, this would resolve the compression shortage.

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