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 Name of name

 Zibo Water Ring Vacuum Pump Factory Co., Ltd


 299 West Crossing Road, Boshan District

 Name of legal representative

 Chen Weimao

 Registered capital (RMB 10,000)

 $100 million

 Paid-in capital (RMB 10,000)

 $100 million

 Type of company

 Limited liability company (natural person investment or holding)


 Pre-licensing Projects: None

 Date of establishment

 General business items: vacuum pumps and accessories, pumps and accessories, slurry pumps and accessories, internal combustion engine accessories, electrical appliances, speed reducer manufacturing and sales; import and export of goods (except prohibited by laws and administrative regulations; laws and administrative regulations to restrict the operation of business to obtain permission to operate )*※※※

 Business term

 1019 August 2000

The company promises: the above information is truthfully released by the company based on the contents of the business license.

The information disclosure form of the company-system enterprise business license is provided by the Shandong Industry and Commerce Network Commodity Transaction Supervision Service Network.


Zibo ShuiHuan Vacuum Pump Factory Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0533-4178155    0533-4175945


Fax: 0533-4179957




Account number:409952690208091001


Tax ID:370304724954109


E- mial: shzkb@shzkb.com


Address: 299# Guojing Road, Boshanxi, Zibo City, Shandong Province


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