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We own the largest manufacture workshop of same industry with area of 20,000 square meters, possessing more than 400 sets of large-size machining devices such as imported machining centers and CNC, with yearly vacuum pump production capacity of more than 5000 sets.

Our foundry factory is equipped with advanced resin-sand molding line to guarantee quality and production of blank. Sufficient raw materials such as blanks and steel sheets etc are maintained to guarantee meeting delivery requirements.

The plant is equipped with devices of state first class for machining of parts strictly according to process requirements, for example:

For machining of pump cover, numerical double-post vertical lathes and precision floor type boring and milling machines are used for precision positioning, guaranteeing machining size and shape and place error, so as to guarantee coaxial degree of mounted pumps, so that the bearing running temperature-rising will not exceed 20℃, and the lifetime is enhanced by 3 times.

The impellers were improved to weld using steel vanes based on original casting process, rigid and long lifetime. The moulds and tooling for impeller and distribution plate are machined using numerical control profiling mill machine, so that the profile lineand size error completely meet requirements in the design drawings. The machining profile line and size affect the pump efficiency directly.

Anti-corrosion treatments such as rubber lining and spray etc are taken for the pump flow passage components, or stainless steel materials are taken for wearing and corrosive operating conditions.

The rivet welding workshop is equipped with Universal Plate Rolling machine, automatic submerged arc welder, CNC flame plasma cutting machine and vibration failure devices etc, which is much important for impeller welding, pump body rolling and welding and cutting of distribution boards. Compared with manual welding and cutting, in addition to guarantee parts size and profile line, the pump efficiency is enhanced.

Various heaters, salt-furnace and hardening baths etc for heat treatment are set. The temperature measuring meter is used to record the heat treatment temperature and time accurately, meeting requirements for various heat treatments.

In mounting lines, each pump is assembled and adjusted strictly by workers according to the orders for different operating conditions.




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