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Common Problem

Common Problem




Processing methods


 High water level in 1. pump

 Ø check and adjust water level to normal level

Initiation difficulties

 2. power supply issues

 Ø check for power or short circuit

 Killed during commissioning or operation

 3. scaling is serious

 Ø removal or pickling


 4. packing gland is too tight

 Ø relief gland bolts


 5. rust on internal parts

 Ø force the rotor and wash it with oxalic acid


 6. foreign body stuck in pump rotor

 Ø water scour and open check





1. Control Cabinet Current Protection Adjustment

Adjust Ø current rating of thermal relay

 Motor short circuit or overload

 2. winding

 Ø check motor winding


 3. fluid flow is too high

 Ø water intake valve reduces working fluid flow


 4. exhaust pressure is too high

 Ø reduce exhaust pressure to specified range


 5. high liquid content in inhaled gases

 Add separator at Ø entrance and reduce working fluid flow





1. scaling is serious

Ø removal and removal of active pickling

Low vacuum

 2. belt slip causes speed drop

 Ø tighten belt


 3. Insufficient or excessive supply of water

 Ø regulating water supply and reducing working fluid temperature


 4. vacuum leakage

 Ø check for leakage in packing line and pump clearance


 5. vacuum table shows incorrect

 Ø replacement of vacuum gauge


 6. valve plate

 Ø replacement valve plate





1. high temperatures lead to cavitation

Ø use of cooling water


 2. gas friction or ejection

 Ø the vent out

High vibration and noise

 3. axis alignment is not good

 Ø re-neutralize lock


 4. anchor bolts loose

 Ø tighten anchor bolts


 5. fluid flow is too high

 Ø installed orifice flowmeter to reduce flow


 6. suction tube is too thin

 Ø use a thicker tube wall





1. belt is too tight

Ø relax belt properly


 2. motor reducer water ring pump misalignment

 Ø re-entry

 Heating at the bearing

 3. lubricating grease lacking or excessive

 Ø Improved lubrication conditions


 Improper installation of 4. bearings

 Ø adjustment bearings


 5. bearings rusted, raceways scratched

 Ø replacement of new bearings


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