Quality management
  The quality management is the core of enterprise value. Our products have implemented and passed ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Certification and ISO10012: 2003 Measurement Management System Certification; obtained safety mark certification for mineral products and have been up to Grade II requirements of Shandong Province in their physical and chemical testing.   We imported from Germany such devices as direct reading spectral analyzer, computerized fully-automatic carbon-sulfur analyzer, visible spectrophotometer, large-scale metallurgical microscope, universal material tester, shock tester and sclerometer, which can analyze and examine the chemical components and mechanical performance.   The company has the universal tool microscope, dial gage calibrator and dial micrometer calibrator, which can check and calibrate measurement equipment.   The company has set up China’s most advanced Center for All-Performance Testing of Pumps and every pump has been subject to severe testing. All the sampling instruments are under remote control and computers are used to collect data and automatically process the test results, which are characteristic of accuracy, efficiency and science and have been up to the international advanced level.