Technical advantages

  For long term, we persist on science and technology innovation, independent innovation, trying our best to create national brand. As the first preparation unit for industrial standard “Water Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors”, acceptance specification and testing methods, we own lots of professional techniques and experts with rich experience, can provide customers with professional design and technical support, and supply single pump to solution of complete system. At present the flat disk type and cone type liquid ring vacuum pumps/compressors of world advanced techniques are under manufacture and production.
  Of which the 2BEC series are listed as major projects of State Torch Program, obtaining Science and Technology Advanced Awards of Mechanical Industry.
  For our new key products-four super-large vacuum pumps-2BEC80, 2BEC87, 2BEC100 and 2BEC120, the max air intake reaches 1200m3/min, and the same efficiency grows 20%, filling in international blank and obtaining national certificate of patent.
  For 2BEY series high-pressure water-ring compressors which are used in chemical industries, the exhaust pressure reaches 0.8Mpa and exhaust reaches 100m3/min.
  The 2BW compete unit sets consisting of pump/compressor, water-steam separator, heat exchanger and automation control instruments etc are already used in power plants and chemical fields etc.
  The upstream water-steam separator and negative pressure filtrate pump for dewatering in papermaking and downstream gas water-steam separator for gas exhaust that matching the pump have been designed and used with mature and rich experience.